GM Consulting
Marketing, Events, Advisory



GM Consulting Pty Ltd creates bespoke, outcomes focused solutions for marketing and events.

GM builds purpose made teams to deliver the best results for your organisation.  
Advisory solutions are offered to organisations who seek a creative approach to marketing, management and delivery.

The GM team is consultative, collaborative, creative, connected and cost effective
We can either do it for you, or provide you with the right tools to implement with your team.  

GM specialises in building relationships between corporates and cultural institutions and individual artists – delivering creative solutions to corporates, and corporate solutions to creatives.

Director Georgia Malone offers 20 years’ experience in the Australian arts industry, working across marketing, producing, ticketing, event management, public relations and business development.

“GM Consulting has always provided comprehensive service and knowledgeable staff. Regardless of the size of the event GM Consulting will make it a success. It has been a pleasure to work with them on a variety of our projects” Ryan Taaffe, Executive Director, CircuitWest