In November 2015, Imprimatur Books published Simmo: The Biography of Ray Simpson VC DCM, One of Australia's greatest soldiers. The proceeds of the first publication of Simmo go to charities supporting the families of veterans. 

SIMMO is arguably the most substantial and comprehensive biography ever written of one man who was not a General.

Imprimatur Military Books was born in 1992 as a mail order catalogue and Internet service. Mick, retired after 27 years in the Australian Special Forces created Catalogue #1 from his extensive collection of military history books - covering the many categories still featured today. 189 catalogues later many of thousands of books have changed hands.

Collections and surprise finds in the back of dusty old bookshops have met the needs of many military historians, genealogists and eager explorers. Imprimatur Military Books started out as a very specialised, niche repository of books and remains so.

Georgia Malone Consulting has worked with Imprimatur Books on the marketing and promotion of Simmo and continues to work with them on their marketing of their business

Georgia Malone Consulting provided:

  • Developing marketing materials
  • Public relations
  • Event management
  • Sales
  • Social media management

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