GM Consulting is your secret weapon. We work with your team to meet your goals. We’re collaborative, creative and cost-effective, and client satisfaction is our number one priority. 

We develop custom solutions for organisations who seek a creative approach to marketing, event management and advisory.

GM Consulting can develop the strategy and provide you with the tools to implement in house, or we can put together a team to deliver your campaign or event from start to finish. GM Consulting can fill any gap in your skills or resources, and we’ll work with you, your way.

GM specialises in using our skills to empower the creative industries and build strong relationships between corporates, cultural institutions and individual artists.

Director Georgia Malone has over 20 years’ experience in the Australian arts industry and has earned a reputation for her timely and no-fuss solutions, reflected in the skills-focussed teams created for each project.

Georgia and her team’s knowledge and skills span marketing, producing, ticketing, event management, public relations, fundraising, writing and business development.